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Information on privacy.

Information on the privacy of furnished data (according to Italian law n.675/96).
In relation to art.10 of law n.675/96, please notice as follows:
  • Your personal data willingly provided in compiling the present form, will be treated, also using informatic and telematic procedures, in strict relation to the statute purposes of AIPT, for information purposes within the Italian thermophysics community and for statistical analysis.
  • The institution responsible for the data treatment is A.I.P.T. Associazione Italiana di Proprietà Termofisiche (Via Orazio Raimondo II, Università degli Studi 00173 ROMA - Tor Vergata). Your personal data will be handled according to the security procedures dictated by D.P.R. n.318/99.
  • Your personal data may be used with foreign correspondents in conformity and with the limitations of art.28 of law n.675/1996.
  • In relation to the indicated data treatment procedures, you may exercise all rights of art.13 of law n.675/96 and in particular obtain the update, change or cancellation of all data by contacting AIPT at the email address
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